enter the starmobile


enter the starmobile


Anime Johnny Bravo


Anime Johnny Bravo


me: stop being racist please

family:  listen… liberal hippie trash ….u dont know anything abotu the world….


no matter how bad you are, there’s always someone who is worse

cant believe big boss made it to 6am with only 99% power left





Possible smash leaks. If not real, VERY good fakes. Even has stages that were literally only just confirmed last night.

this is probably fake as hell but i do love the idea of duck hunt being a playable character! it’s very unique and cute and out of the blue

b….bowser jr…. p…please….

been following the thread on 4chan where the leaker was posting these images but there are some inconsistencies with it compared to what we’ve seen in demos of the 3DS version

as one anon explained:

Fake but good try.

Compare this to the screenshot with Pikachu as a CPU… The positioning is way different. This is more zoomed in and has less of his body.

Secondly, the one with the Diddy/Doge/Ness don’t have Icons behind their head.”

also, the background of greninja’s square is inconsistent with the coloring used in the demo

i tired to draw uhh


dont hate the player, hate the controller, this shit is broken i swear to god i jumped bro